Grey Shield’s robust platform remains unsurpassed in PPC protection. Our comprehensive program uses the most trusted methodologies including behavior-based methods, signature scanning, difference scanning and memory dump analysis. Managed by internet experts in electronic fraud intelligence, Grey Cloak’s algorithms continuously respond to advancing fraud techniques. The Grey Shield product is the online advertisers’ choice when it comes to safeguarding pay per click spend.

Impression Fraud

Click fraud is ever evolving via manipulations of impressions. Grey Shield applies state-of-the-art, ever evolving detection programming to swiftly analyze and prohibit:

  • Masked URLs
  • Cookie Hijacking
  • Device Hijacking
  • IP Spoofing
  • Domain ID Theft
  • Ad Stacking


Doorway Site Detection: Search engine “doorways” are artificial web pages that redirect visitors without their knowledge by cloaking their actual URLs. Grey Shield’s landing page auditor penetrates false doorways and permanently bars them from your potential customers.

Self Programmable SAAS Solution

Reduce IT costs with Grey Shield’s easy-to-set-up campaigns that provide detailed reports based on users behavior or on the campaign level. It will tell you which marketing campaigns are effective and which are fraudulent so they can get a predictable ROI. You can either block the bad traffic so it never reaches your website or you can see it in the reporting and make your marketing decisions on future campaigns, phones, tablets, and laptops.

Grey Shield’s Arsenal of Algorithms Include:

  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Advanced Geo Detection services
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Bot & Virus Infection Detection
  • Proxy Network IP Surveillance
  • Domain Masking Detection

Graceful Interface: Grey Cloak’s API integrates seamlessly into your analytics programs, Programmatic or RTB Networks, and Google, Yahoo, and AOL.

TrueClick Compliance

This product includes all of same features of the basic TrueClick package with the addition of a selective online marketing feature especially useful for regulated industries that need to stay in state or federal compliance. By adjusting links and images to correspond to the viewer demographics of your digital campaigns, such as the variations in state interest rates that insurance providers and banking institutions face, your ads remain in compliance with governing statutes.


An ad campaign appearing in the wrong state advertising the wrong interest rate, even by as small of a fluctuation of .25%, can cost the advertiser thousands and thousands of dollars per ad…plus, any fees or fines incurred for non-compliance!

What to Expect

With Grey Cloak Tech as your partner, you can expect to benefit from industry leading technology, a top tier client services team, and an increased bottom line. It’s truly that simple.

TrueClick Compliance X-Platform

By adding cross platform functionality to our TrueClick Compliance package, advertisers can control what viewers see—no matter what device they are using. Your ads run identically on Windows and Macintosh operating systems, as well as on popular digital devices such as smartphones and Surface Pros.

What to Expect

With Grey Cloak Tech as your partner, you can expect to benefit from industry leading technology, a top tier client services team, and an increased bottom line. It’s truly that simple.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All In the spirit of treating each of our clients as if they’re our only client, each solution we provide is custom tailored to maximize the efficiency and unique needs of a given campaign. Grey Cloak Tech solutions are designed to help you get the most traction from your ad budget as a means of growing your overall revenue.


Multi-Platform Protection We’ve got you covered! From the domain level to individual users, our all-encompassing and comprehensive platform is impenetrable to fraudulent traffic. As well, our shielded platform spans the likes of Android, iOS, server, desktop, mobile, tablets, and display devices: all in real-time. Confidence delivered!


Real-time Reporting, 24/7/365 It’s been said that knowledge is power; when you know better, you do better. Our always-on reporting system continually monitors traffic and keeps you in the know when it comes to the authenticity of the traffic data you’re buying or selling: protecting your business, your brand, and your revenue.


Just the Facts Our proprietary SAAS platform offers monitoring, analysis and fraud protection to ensure that data is accurately represented and reported. Our complete suite of products provides solutions for businesses of all sizes with customizable algorithms based on the unique requirements of your industry or business.

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