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Click Fraud is Real

Digital advertising fraud, also known as “click fraud,” “impression fraud,” and “bot fraud,” comes in many forms. A combination of these nefarious online advertising practices costs advertisers billions of dollars a year.


Theft of cookies from a target website which is revisited for a commission pay off depletes your advertising budget. Grey Cloak Tech locks out cookie stuffing.


Without adequate protection, your ad is exposed to lost advertising by falsely generating ad impressions. We can prevent this in milliseconds …..


Sometimes called domain masking, this fraudulent practice shows a URL in the address bar that is not the actual URL to the content. By preventing..


This most costly activity of fraudulent clicking by a person, automated script or computer program can quickly generate thousands of unauthorized clicks charged..


Our sophisticated tracker detects exactly where in the geographical world a user is located and allows you to block any unwanted activity located…


We derail this host file hijacking technique that creates internet packets (IPs) that attempt to conceal the identity of the sender or impersonate..


This serious blocking feature runs in real-time to stop fraudulent clicks as they happen, as well as runs your pre-set filter for identified …….


Certification of 95% click legitimacy of any specific ad, prior or post the campaign run that will help you grow your campaign effectiveness up to 500% ……

With digital marketing continuing to grow at unprecedented rates, so, too is click fraud. In fact, it
is estimated that between 33% and 50% of all clicks on online advertisements are fraudulent, costing advertisers billions of dollars annually.

How Does this Impact my Business?
Is my ad budget safe? As a growing epidemic, click fraud is siphoning the ad budgets of large corporations and SMBs alike, without discrimination. Financial services, insurance and e-commerce are a few of the highly impacted verticals. With automated black hat practices such as bot-generated website traffic and fabricated view counts on videos, seemingly any online advertiser’s budget is fair game.

Protection for Digital Marketers
Reputable digital marketing agencies themselves have come under scrutiny in the absence of a system to vet the legitimacy of their practices and authenticate traffic “statistics” – a critical metric in the processes of online ad pricing and decision-making. Credibility breeds confidence. Let us open the doors to new business for you through our B2B certification program.

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